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Ian Alwis May 30, 2023

To the entire team that gathered, organised and published this work of art, I am grateful. The choices made in producing the physicality of this beast, the design, the page layout, the colour correction, the choice of paper stock, the quality of printing, the binding — I can see has all been extremely well thought through. Pardon the pun, no corners have been cut. The price of admission, more than justified. It's a visual feast with the bonus of being an informative encyclopaedia. A well written history lesson that manages to elevate my sentiment and prestige for David Wright even further. Well done. I truly appreciate what’s been accomplished here. And again, thank you…

René Granacher May 28, 2023

Hi Roger,
This is truly one great book you have produced, far beyond any reproduction of comic strips that I saw before. I finished reading my copy, but still keep it at my desk to open and enjoy it ... Some of Wright's artwork is just incredible, and your analysis of the story and art is also a great read, directing attention also to details that may otherwise be overlooked. I don't go so much for the new interpretations by other artists, frankly, but that's just my personal taste. This was probably the most I ever paid for a new book (400€ over here in Germany) but absolutely worth it, considering the class of both the content and the size and material used. It really makes you feel the magic of the original art. Thanks for the time and work you invested to make this possible! From my side, I would highly welcome further such Carol Day collections in the future.
Best, René

Nigel Wilkinson May 21, 2023

Hi to you all!

I received my book and wanted to add a few thoughts of my own about this excellent publication:

I've not read the original newspaper strip. I first saw 'Carol Day' in a handful of panels reprinted in 'The Penguin Book of Comics' in the 70s. The work looked stunning and since then I've wanted to know more about this odd gothic looking strip. And incidentally if anyone knows which storyline those panels were from please let me know (they featured a talk between Carol and Baines the butler about her uncle).

More recently I've seen online examples and the very welcome article about Wright in 'Illustrators Magazine' which better showed the great tonal range Wright achieved with his line work. I've hoped his work might be reprinted with little real expectation of it happening so I jumped at this book as soon as I heard about it. Whilst I received the updates about the book's progress I didn't quite know what to expect and when it finally arrived the size of it took me a little by surprise.

This book is a true labour of love and I'm glad I had sufficient spare change to afford it. It is expensive but it is not overpriced for such a unique book. Should further stories be republished I will likely buy them too but I will need to find a shelf big and study enough to accommodate them.

Many thanks.

Derek Gray May 8, 2023

Hi, I'd put my name down for a copy of the book but unfortunately it is out of my price range. So I wanted to ask if there are any plans to reprint a more affordable black and white collection of Carol Day strips (as opposed to the colour facsimile edition). Many thanks.

Roger Clark May 11, 2023

Thanks for your question, Derek. Unfortunately, we have no current plans for a more affordable Carol Day book. That can change, of course, but it's unlikely in the near future.

Lee Harmon May 6, 2023

What a joy to behold! The physical size of the book is impressive. Your selection of heavier paper on the text was perfect. It adds to the elegance of the piece as you turn the pages. There is just nothing about the production of this edition that does not exude total class. The book is a must have for any admirer of David Wright and his unparalleled work on the Carol Day strip. Never before has such a showcase of his talents on this project been assembled. Thank you for seeing your vision through to a glorious success! (Can not wait to see you continue the work with additional story arcs.)

Bob Pinaha May 1, 2023

This is one beautiful book! I received my copy just a day or so after its announced release. A bit reluctant to spend the money at first but the beauty of this project is priceless. And thank you to the people behind this book who contacted me. I originally ordered and paid for the pre-order from The Book Palace in the U.K. The Lance Hallam people contacted me and told me there was a United States distributor that was shipping for free. They instructed me to ask for a refund from The Book Palace. TheBook Palace accommodated me. I then purchased it when the book was announced for orders. Their thoughtfulness saved me almost $100.00 in shipping! Thank you guys, for that. And for creating and introducing me to Carol Day and this project!

jeff singh
April 30, 2023

A very handsome volume! The passion of those on the creative team behind this shines through in the quality of the reproduction, paper and craftsmanship of the tome. I found the supplemental material including the write ups very informative and helped put the work into context. Carol Day is truly a unique and magnificent comic strip in the long history of comics and is well deserving of the attention and such reverent treatment. Well done.

Mike Cichy
April 25, 2023

Hi Roger, Just wanted to let you know that I received the Carol Day book yesterday in the mail. What a fantastic book. It was well worth the wait. The reproductions are perfect. There is so much to read, look at and absorb in this book of the great David Wright artwork. Truly a labor of love. Thank you for putting this together with your colleagues on this project. This is a book that I will treasure and read and study over and over. Thank you. Mike Cichy