David Wright by Henry Coller (1886-1950)

David Wright Gallery

This gallery is devoted to David Wright original art. It is not art for sale.

Our purpose is to provide examples that illustrate his genius and show his range as an artist. Wright was equally versatile in all areas of illustrative art — comics, pinup, advertising, commercial work, landscapes, informal sketches of family and friends, landscapes — and in every medium — pencil, ink, gouache, oil, watercolor. This gallery just scratches the surface of the incredible images Wright created throughout his career.

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Carol Day
Charles Logan Charles Logan Charles Logan
Paris Episode Dangerous Currents Dangerous Currents
Dangerous Currents Problem Child Brother Brushes
Face Value Ebb-Tide Ebb-Tide
Off Stage Off Stage The Changeling
The Prophet The Prophet The Prophet
Max Kalman Uncle Richard
Quite Something (The Sketch, May 19, 1943)
Book Covers
Esme Wright Esme Wright
Nicky Wright Nicky Wright Esme Wright
Esme Wright
Classic Packard Roadster

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