Project Dashboard

# Strips Located, Owned # Strips Located, Not Owned # Strips Not Located
63 14 7
Strips: 106 120 123 128 131 150 152 154 162 163 164 167 171 179 116 137 140 142 145 155 165


We thank the following collectors who have contributed to The Lance Hallam Project!

  • Doug Beekman
  • Roger Clark
  • Peter Dulligan
  • Michael Ferentinos
  • Eric Flogny
  • Mark Howland
  • Ben Huang
  • Guy Mills
  • Mike Napolitano
  • Aaron Noble

Call for Additional Contributors

The tremendous progress made to date on The Lance Hallam Project is a direct result of the contributions of both Carol Day collectors across the globe and fellow strip art enthusiasts who have so graciously contributed their time and energy to locating such collectors. Continued progress, and ultimately success, will rely upon further information, tips, leads and/or contributions of Lance Hallam dailies to the Project. We’re particularly focused on the nine strips listed in the Strips Not Located column in the table above. Any and all contributions to the Project are greatly appreciated — please contact Chris at with any information you might have!