Press Release: Thursday, April 15, 2021
New Initiative from the Lance Hallam Project - Carol Day by Today's Artists

As part of the Lance Hallam Project, we have long wanted to bring Carol Day into the contemporary world and see her through the eyes of today's artists. Why? Just fun

To that end we are calling for original art by the creators drawing today's comics that reacts to the Lance Hallam story or the Carol Day strip in general. We have already commissioned art by a few of today's top artists and just got in our first and second pieces, a fantastic and moody work by Jeffrey Alan Love, and a sexy piece by Patrick Block, both of which you can see below.

Click image to enlarge.
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We'd Love for You to Participate!

Whether you're a professional artist with a long resume or an up-and-coming artist who has never been published, we'd love to see how you respond artistically to the Lance Hallam story and Carol Day!

We are interested in quick sketches, color compositions, finished illustrations, 3-panel strips (as Jeffrey Alan Love did), anything your imagination comes up with as a response to this great story and artist.

If you find this an interesting idea, you can read the Lance Hallam story here. If you're inspired to take the next step and execute a work of art, please let us know by sending an email to If you only work on a paid commission basis, please include your price list! Or, if you are willing to contribute your work, simply attach a scan to your email.

We will get back to you promptly!

Our Plans

We will display all original art we receive on the website.

We are currently planning a publishing project, tentatively scheduled to arrive in 2022. Our current plans include a "Carol Day by Today's Artists" section, which would be comprised entirely of the best contributions we've received. Ideally, we'd like this to be a combination of pieces by published and unpublished artists, well-known or unknown.

If you donate a piece to the project, you will not be lining our pockets or helping us build personal collections! First of all you will get one of the magnificent Lance Hallam project coffee mugs as seen on the Contributors page of the site.

Second, you'll be contributing to fellow collectors and creators in need. At the end of the project, we plan to auction all donated art and selected paid commissions. We will donate all proceeds to a comics-related charity.

Deadline for Participation

To have your art displayed on and possibly published, we need to have received all finished pieces (whether it's a sketch, drawing, inked or colored piece) by August 31, 2021.

We hope you decide to participate! Let us know:!

As always, if you have any Carol Day examples from the Lance Hallam storyline, or just know someone who might, you can reach out to Chris Killackey at