Press Release: Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Lance Hallam Project: Major Milestone of 70 Strips Achieved

The Lance Hallam Project team recently procured the 70th of 84 total daily strips necessary to complete the Lance Hallam storyline from Carol Day.

Project momentum remains strong as collectors from around the globe continue to assist the Project team with identifying strip locations. We've got line of sight on 8 of the remaining 14 strips necessary to pull the complete story together and 4 more have been seen in the public domain via electronic auction sites (or, in one case, an actual auction house Millon in France). That leaves just two strips that need to be unearthed to pull the majestic example of serial storytelling that Lance Hallam represents back together in its original form!

With the procurement of the 70th strip, the team will be making a broad advertising push to request help in locating remaining strips, with a particular focus on the European collecting community. In the coming days & weeks, you'll see announcements, articles and columns on 2D Galleries, Down the Tubes, Comic Art Fans, the CGC message boards and more.

We want to thank those who have contributed art to the project and those who have helped with networking within our collecting community to find art. We've done our best to honor those who have contributed (see our Contributors page on for selfies of contributors showing off their gift; if you're a contributor and have not sent yours, now is the time!).

We're getting close and we've got some further ideas coming on incentivizing folks to both contribute art and help find it; more to come on that.

As always, if you have any Carol Day examples from the Lance Hallam storyline, or just know someone who might, you can reach out to Chris Killackey at