Press Release: Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Roger Clark & Chris Killackey Launch

Hello Comic Art Fans!

I previously mentioned some further announcements from the partnership of Roger Clark & Chris Killackey as they continue their efforts to reconstitute the celebrated Lance Hallam storyline from British artist David Wright's classic comic strip, Carol Day.

Well, they’ve established a website,, to act as a centralized landing site for a project repository that they have developed in collaboration with another well-known Carol Day collector, Guy Mills! Welcome to the team, Guy!

The project repository will provide an overview of project status, recognize contributors and act as a communal gathering point for collectors around the globe who are either actively contributing to the project or just enjoying watching from the sidelines.

The site is up & running – Roger, Guy & Chris would love visitors! Go pay them a visit.

As always, if you have any dailies, leads or information related to Lance Hallam, contact Chris directly at