We thank the following collectors who have contributed to The Lance Hallam Project!

  • Doug Beekman
  • Matias Bergara
  • Pat Block
  • Mark Buckingham
  • Roger Clark
  • Cross
  • Dani
  • Peter Dulligan
  • Michael Ferentinos
  • Eric Flogny
  • Lee Harmon
  • Wally Harrington
  • Mark Howland
  • Ben Huang
  • Will King
  • Arie Korbee
  • Ricardo Leite
  • Jeffrey Alan Love
  • Felix Lu
  • Guy Mills
  • Chris Mooneyham
  • Mark Nevins
  • Mike Napolitano
  • Aaron Noble
  • Jim Pinkoski
  • Paul Pope
  • Peter Richardson
  • David Roach
  • Yuko Shimizu
  • Ryan Sook
  • Chris Stevens

Call for Additional Contributors

Contribute your Lance Hallam art to the project and in addition to a magnificent cash or trade offer, you'll get this stylin' Lance Hallam coffee mug absolutely free (including shipping) to commemorate your status as a contributor.

ONLY available to contributors — watch for them to become collectors items!

If you email us a selfie with your mug we'll post it here to incite the envy of collectors worldwide!